Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cute Attack

Dropping gems in a studio that's nestled in between Bellingham Bay and Lummi Island is a new trip hop duo made up of producer Chance Random and folk singer-songwriter Jenni Potts, better known as Cute Attack. Their new self titled release, which is now available on Bandcamp with a name your own price tag, is a short, simple, and sweet ride through a lost and forgotten world of what I call therapeutic hip hop, known to many as trip hop.

Haunted by Jenni Potts' vocals, Chance Random's beats creep cautiously around her lyrics, but find solace in her warm breath, embracing each note thoughtfully. The chemistry between the two is obvious, and while the length of the record might shock listeners the first go around, they will soon find the perfection in its editing and the beauty in its clarity.

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