Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kyle Cox

Kyle Cox is an Orlando, Florida based singer/songwriter that recently released his critically acclaimed five track EP, To All My Old Friends, free of charge. The album focuses on various events and emotions in life that have a tendency to make us stumble and fall. 

On the EP, Kyle morphs from sincere to catchy to melancholic while blanketing his infectious pop-folk vocals over streams of classic piano, folk guitar riffs, and moody compositions. Each track carries a different ambience-- ranging from folk and blues to pop-rock and country-- but is cohesive and tactfully put together, giving it a ton of replay value.

What surprised me the most was finding out Cox isn't signed. He is merely a young and humble twenty-something with a deep passion for music that exercises his natural born talents on his free time, not taking his very serious and mature sounding tunes too serious at all. "I never plan on or really want to make sustainable income from the music I write. I love my job here at the church so much that it would be really difficult for me to leave. But I still really enjoy writing, recording, playing my own music, and I don’t think I’ll ever quit doing that." 

Perhaps it is his nonchalance that gives his music that free and organic feel. Void of desperation, visions of fame and fortune, and worries of where he fits in with everyone else, Kyle just has to worry about Kyle. It's these types of artists that make the most heartfelt music and heartfelt music best explains what the young Kyle Cox creates.

Here is the video for Come Back Home off the EP:

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