Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rainbow Danger Club

If you have an hour to kill sometime in the near future, I suggest you take a trip with the pride of Shanghai's budding indie rock scene, Rainbow Danger Club, and their incredible new project, Where Maps End.

As a follow up to their critically acclaimed 2010 release, New Atlantis, these unsung heroes of the progressive rock genre conjured up a 60 minute collage full of lush psychedelia, infectious vocal melodies, reverb laced guitars, airy synths, and complex compositions. Where Maps End is where some of the most interesting experimental albums in rock and roll history collide to form celestial fireworks that eventually birth a new (rock) star. Part Pink Floyd and part Arcade Fire's "The Funeral" with dashes of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and turn of the millennium Flaming Lips, Rainbow Danger Club's sophomore release is a majestic masterpiece that is sure to make the young quartet one of the most talked about international acts today and has the power and beauty to become their magnum opus.

This album of the year candidate is dramatic, adventurous, and haunting. The cohesive convergence of various sounds, instrument/vocal effects, and musical arrangements is supernatural. This is a record with many layers, many depths, many faces, many moons. Where Maps End is an enigmatic opera that deserves the world's ear.

Fire up a candle. Put fire in your cortex. Celebrate a wonderful musical accomplishment.

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shaun/tenzenmen said...
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shaun/tenzenmen said...

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