Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Soup of the Day #14: Modern Skirts- Rebecca St. Claire

I'm a sucker for psychedelic folk, a sucker for creepy children singing hooks, and a sucker in love with this weird yet infectious track from Athens, Georgia quartet, Modern Skirts.

One part pre-Mellow Gold Beck, one part lo-fi bedroom pop, and a splash of brown liquid mind detergent forms this catchy track from their 2010 EP, Happy 81. 

I thought I had the band pegged right away as a bunch of redneck hippies gnawing on mushrooms from grandpa's farm while thrashing thrift store guitars into the rusted mouth of a 4-track, but after diving into their catalog I quickly found that not only are the Skirts experienced and established, they are highly creative and versatile. Birthed as an alternative pop band with hints of Weezer and Ben Folds (Catalogue of Generous Men), the Skirts have blossomed into a schizophrenic electro pop outfit that isn't afraid to experiment instrumentally over their funky pop melodies (Gramahawk).

The sounds from their lastest 2011 record, Gramahawk, have a lot of potential (see the video for "Jane Child" below), but I'm kind of diggin' their experimental basement cassette sessions the most, especially the haunting kiddy hooks.

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