Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Case You Missed Them: The Receiving End Of Sirens

This Week: The Receiving End Of Sirens

The Receiving End of Sirens (often abbreviated TREOS) was a Post Hardcore/Rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. From 2003-2004, they quickly became a local favorite in the Boston scene. With the departure of lead singer Ben Potrykus and addition of Casey Crescenzo (The Dear Hunter),  the bands sound became far more technical compared to their simple rock roots. In April 2005, their highly anticipated full-length album Between The Heart and the Synapse was released on Triple Crown Records. With three singers and a mixture of straight up rock, hardcore, and electronic samples, Treos’ sound was very unique, thus allowing them to quickly climb the charts. Their follow up record The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi was a more toned down record, but still featured equally complex guitar work as their debut. TREOS disbanded in 2008 with the release of a statement by Singer Brendan Brown:
“I, Brendan, must admit that I am the main reason why TREOS is ending. My choice to no longer continue on with The Receiving End of Sirens has nothing to do with a lack of love for my band, and/or band members. It has nothing to do with a lack of passion for our music, or any music for that matter. My decision is due mostly in part to a huge rearranging of priorities in my life, and the unquestionable responsibility that comes along with becoming a father…”

Though the Band still plays one-off shows every few years, members have said the odds of seeing a full tour or a new album are slim to none.

For fans of: The Dear Hunter, Therefore I Am, Envy On The Coast, Gatsby’s American Dream.
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