Monday, November 7, 2011

Video: The Truthseekers- To Get By/Star Wars Remix

New York City based collective, The Truthseekers, have just released their sophomore album, Meet Me.  The follow up to their 2007 unveiling, Super Cool, finds the band embracing instruments from around the world-- African Djembe, Tabla, Native American flutes, Indian Raga-- to spice up their already savory blend of soul, funk, and contemporary urban gospel. 

To get yourself more familiar with the band's sound and ethos, they sent over an older video from their debut album that is packaged together with a hilarious video (2:30 and on) from what I believe is the lead singer's son doing a Star Wars tribute rap (Jaden and The Beat Droids- Star Wars Remix (Chewbacca)). I think if the song was in a separate single video, they would have themselves the next viral smash hit.

Unleashed from an artist uprising in a NYC Theater Loft at the beginning of the millennium, a voice from a movement grew. Energized by the vibrations of Harlem and the rhythms of the Boogie Down, a concept of a groove developed. Influenced by Motown’s preachers and 60’s musical prophets, poet and songsmith, Eric DeArmon, embarks on a journey, both musical and spiritual, to find a purpose and a sound. Hands blessed with the blues, electrified by a Wurlitzer piano, with a voice that screams and howls with the passion of a revolution and the tenderness of a lovers kiss, Eric defines purpose in songs of truth and celebration. With a transcendent vision and an inspired sound of deep soul he leads a band of true seekers.

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