Friday, January 20, 2012

60 Second Review: A Name Unheard

Fresh off the release of their new EP Human,” A Name Unheard is a mixture of radio friendly rock fused with a twist of blues that touches the soul. At first listen it may seem that ANU is just another indie rock band, but the title track off their latest release changed my premature assumption of them rather quickly.

With an uplifting message and an immediate bluesy riff that could make anyone bob their head in approval, "Human" is easily the strongest of the 8 tracks ANU is offering up. "Stiletto Jive" is a cautionary tale of promiscuity with accompanying music that makes you want to do exactly what the title suggests-- get up from your damn seat and jive. “Still Breathing” is fit for any modern rock station and a perfect closer to this EP with soaring vocals and an upbeat rhythm that makes me want to roll down my windows (yes even in the 25 degree New Hampshire weather) and let the music play for everyone to hear. All in all, A Name Unheard is one Bandsoup band you don’t want to miss out on.

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Anonymous said...

great song ,I'm going to by the album .

A Name Unheard said...

Thanks anonymous! We appreciate it :) -Hussein from ANU

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