Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Diamond- Don't Lose Your Cool EP (Free Download)

Birthed through binary communications and garage recordings, Diamond was born in bedrooms scattered across Baltimore, Richmond, and Chicago. Despite their disconnected locations, this energetic quartet made up of 90's alternative raised skate kids deliver one hell of a sophomore EP full of catchy and endearing melodic rock in the same vein as Jimmy Eat World and Weezer.

Don't Lose Your Cool will please both the nostalgic and new era of alt-pop fanatics. The nods to the past and the present collide cohesively and provide a flawless pop rock experience that not many have been able to pull off in recent years. Oddly enough, a couple of the band's core members come from hardcore rock backgrounds (former members of Trapped Under Ice and Down To Nothing), but mask their upbringing in an ocean of happy hooks and radiant riffs that will roost in your head for days after listening.

Diamond may be diamonds in the rough now, but I have a feeling that will soon change. They are radio ready, adept, and accessible. If this EP is just a peek into what the band can accomplish long term and in full length, Diamond could be forever.

Photo by Luke Williams
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