Monday, January 16, 2012

This Week on BandSoup (1/9-1/16)

Another week in the books and yet another week of great uploads here on BandSoup! Here are a few of the bands that you must hear according to an unanimous vote from the BandSoup blog team. Remember, new bands pop up on the site 1-5 times per day, so check back in with us. You might be missing out on your new favorite band!

Click the band's name to hear their music.

Elos Arma (Indie Rock/Indie Pop)--  High energy dysfunctional pop from a refreshing young quartet who manage to avoid nearly all of the horrendous clich├ęs that often accompany their kind of commercially-oriented rock.
Jim Dead (Alt. Country/Folk)-- Check out our "Hot One of the Week" blog post featuring Jim Dead.

PMs Better (Indie Rock)-- A young and bouncy rock band from Lyon, France that sings in English. The band, barely out of their teens, already have three EPs under their belt full of catchy, melodic indie rock jams.

Barricades at Night (Alternative Rock)--  The latest track from the Huntsville, AL based band in preparation for their first full length release.

Monsterface (Alternative Rock)--  If you’re into face shattering grunge rock, then Monsterface is your new band. Their song structures are similar to The Sounds of Animals Fighting or Fall of Troy.

Acollective (Indie Rock)-- Acollective is the resonating echoes of quacking ducks in a sealed room, a dual-headed machine of construction-yard-nihilism consuming everything in its path, from banged-up Folk to burned-down Middle-Eastern-Funk, breaking hips and shaking hearts along the way. 

Rosas (Pop Rock)-- Rosas is the story of Damon Goodridge’s search for the elusive love that breezed in and out of his life one memorable Spanish evening. That chance encounter inspired a sound that reflects the euphoria, bewilderment, optimism and wistfulness only known by one who has loved and lost.

Alice Sweet Alice (Alternative Rock)--  As one Kansas City reviewer described Alice Sweet Alice's music: "Take the turbulent undercurrent of Joy Division, add edgy guitar-synth crunch and hooks ala Garbage, drop in the haunting post-punk of Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees, a dash of Love and Rockets psychedelics, and polish the whole mix with angst-meets-curious inclinations inspired by The Cure's rhythmic urges. Something like that with a twist.”

Slow Suicide (Acoustic/Ambient)--  Dark, creepy, instrumental acoustic rock.

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