Monday, February 6, 2012

Pat Hull- So Far Gone (Video) & Soup of the Day: My Flame

Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Pat Hull is sure to immediately grab your attention. His distinct voice raises eyebrows because the listener sees a young man with five o'clock shadow but hears a folky female range. Once you adjust to the odd contrast, Hull's vocals become an added spark to his warm melodies and spirited songwriting abilities.

So Far Gone is an older song off of his Forever's Night EP, but is a great embodiment of Hull's endearing ethos. If you check out Pat's latest song, My Flame, on BandSoup, his infectious pop meets roots rock style shines even brighter as the catchy lyrics and contagious arrangement morphed me into a moth. My Flame also reminded me a bit of Neil Young, an influence that Hull harvests amongst a bushel of others on his 2011 album, Light.

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