Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Week on BandSoup (1/30-2/6)

Another week in the books and yet another week of great uploads here on BandSoup! Here are a few of the bands that you must hear according to an unanimous vote from the BandSoup blog team. Remember, new bands pop up on the site 1-5 times per day, so check back in with us. You might be missing out on your new favorite band!

* Click the band's name to hear their music.

The Scholars (Alternative Rock)-- Shimmering, hook-laden rock music from Oxford, UK. The Scholars draw inspiration from post-punk, New Wave, and rock in an attempt to make sense of a confusing media age.

Whores (Grunge/Alternative)--  "Whores is relentless and merciless in its sonic attack: Its gigantic walls of fuzz and thunderously colossal low-end rumble recall The Melvins’ refined sludge; the epic, primal howls, feedback-heavy rests and meticulous precision recall the best of The Jesus Lizard and Karp. Simply: Whores f#!king slays. Period."

Weird Dreams (Indie Rock)-- With a unique sound influenced in equal measure by David Lynch’s liminal, hallucinatory worlds, and acts as varied as the Beach boys, T. Rex, The Tammys, Syl Johnson, O.V. Wright and Smashing Pumpkins not for nothing have Weird Dreams been described as “the most exciting new band in London”.

The Average Engines (Alternative Rock)-- The debut album “Battlesuits” arrives like a large scoop of ice cream in the deepest winter; a bitter sweet combination, painfully if you eat it too fast, but extremely delicious anyway. Following on from their EP “If Dali Broke My Arm It Would Sound Like This”, they come with the goods on their first long player, published on their own label Brutkasten, containing a mixture of Indie, Stoner, Prog, Alternative and a little help of Pop. Average Engines bring a lovingly handmade debut to the fore.

3 1/2 (Garage Pop)-- Leila, Legz, and Tizza are 3 1/2, Co Wave's Los Angeles bedroom doo wop rock trio that are impossible not to like.

XBloome (Electronic Rock)-- XBloome is an Austrian band, joining electronic drum- and synthesizer sounds with classical instruments like violin, trumpet and bass into a smooth blend of ambient disco trip-hop.

The All-About (Indie Rock)--  The All-About is a synth-based power-pop project maintained by Zac Coe in and around Central New York, musically devoted to exploring the enduring connection that exists between pop music and catharsis. Described by producer Oliver Ignatius as "one of the most lovely dissections of the blisses and anguishes of a failed love affair to come out in years," the 2nd LP, Winterpop, is a "pop-soul-synth-punk opus," and it's available for free right now at: http://theallabout.bandcamp.com/.

Groj (Electronic)--  Brainwashed by the visionary sounds of Krautrock giants and the rapturous explorations of Richard D. James, in “Promised Land” Groj interprets themes of trust, self- deception and private fantasies. Under the influence of a minimalist implosive system and tangled in an abundant and hypnotic electro-acoustic foliage, the album comes through with a unique sense of simple delivery.

The Missing Season (Dream Pop)-- French duo that just released their third album, The Last Summer. 

A Yawn Worth Yelling (Indie Rock)-- A Yawn Worth Yelling is composed of five members from San Jose, California. They released their debut album, 1,000, in 2011.

The Black Black (Indie Rock)-- The trio creates their own brand of groove-heavy punk rock. Rock solid rhythms juxtaposed with powerful, driving bass lines and spastic guitars; all tied together with classic melodies. It's rock music that sinks into your bones and requires you to keep turning it up. The Black Black released their first EP "Music To Sell Drinks To" in January 2012 and will be playing shows all around the Northeast this Spring.

Kubatko (Electronic)-- A czech music composer and DJ.

The Few (Blues/Funk/Rock)-- With a passion for vintage, The Few deliver retro vibes, fine-tuned for modern times. From their original stage setup to their custom made Becker instruments and rigs, The Few does it like no other. With a sound often compared to the Black Keys or Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, The Few creates a riffy, blues charged vibe, dripping with rock induced jams.

Kid City (Indie Pop)--  Eerie electronic pop from new Toronto duo that just released their first EP.

Moody Gowns (Indie Rock)--  Moody Gowns are a band who are quintessentially British for all the right reasons. They champion that wry wit and charm that all of history’s greatest Brits possessed. They couple it with light-hearted cynicism that is undeniably funny. They don’t take themselves too seriously; yet they are more real, true to life and down right important than any other band on your radar right now.

Lower Lands (Alternative/Punk Rock)-- View our blog post from last week here. Lower Lands is a young quartet from the cathedral city of Lincoln, United Kingdom that blend a spry and spirited mixture of alternative, pop, and new millennium punk rock. Last year they released their free debut EP, This Was Not Our Greatest Endeavour, a noisy yet catchy foray into the land of post-hardcore. This year the band plans to release another EP entitled Growing Pains featuring the lead single "Reality in Routine". As seen and hard in the video/single above, it's obvious that the lads from Lower Lands have already endured those growth pains and are now reaping the benefits.

Eager Eyes (Alternative Rock)-- An emerging rock quartet from Alameda, California. Their self titled debut is available now.

I Self Devine (Hip Hop)-- Chaka Mkali, also known as I Self Devine is a musician, Mc, community organizer, racial justice trainer, graffiti artist, muralist, program coordinator and director of organizing and community building at Hope Community Center in Minneapolis. Stay tuned for the new album The Sounds Of Low Class America coming May 8th, 2012!

Devin Levi (Electronic/Indie)-- Music from Devon Levi's new album, Here's to Now, a blend of electronic music and live instrumentation that Devon likes to call "artistic alternative".

The Creech (Punk/Alternative)-- Punk/Hardcore band from Germany.
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