Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Slow Suicide- Ghost (Gost') (Free Album Download)

When I first listened to “Snow Fall (Snova)” by Slow Suicide, I immediately envisioned innocent children playing in a wintery landscape. Despite the brooding and cynical feeling to the song, I also felt a feeling of hope for a better world peak through. The second song featured on Bandsoup, “Black X (Chernoe)”, is another story. It is a haunting soundscape that begins with noisy, hissing sounds that will either immediately turn you off or hypnotize you into continuing. I chose the latter to see where the song would go after the mechanical noises faded and soon after the song transitioned into a smooth and cinematic sea of guitars. That's when I found out Slow Suicide's m.o. is finding the beauty in the unusual.

I found their latest album, Ghost (Gost), and fell in love with their intimate instrumental music that's deeply influenced by rock and roll and moody electronic music, but with an absurd noisy twist (I hear Brian Eno and Glenn Branca). Ghost (Gost') is available as a free download and is a must listen for fans with an open mind and those that can find beauty within the madness.

- Jesse Van den Eynden

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