Tuesday, February 14, 2012

XBloome- Mushroom (Live Bedroom Performance Video) & Free Album Download

XBloome is an electronic pop collective from Vienna, Austria that formed in 2005 in a small, blue flat in the city with Belinda Fritz (vocals/violin/guitar), Hannes Zellhofer (synth), Peter B (drums), and Bernhard Wodni (bass).

The band's last release, X Marks the Spot, is an interesting electronic album because the band decided to stray away from their studio equipment and fancy software and constructed the entire album from free, open source software programs. On top of that, they mixed, mastered, and made all of the CDs (burned the discs, printed the art, constructed the cases) in house. The band did this because they "were surprised that it's often not legally possible to share our experience, know-how, and the fun we have with making music, if we use state-of-the-art, proprietary tools. And talking to other artists, VJs, etc. confirmed that their know-how was also locked to conditions/restrictions of a certain vendor. Because these artificial restrictions are blocking creativity and exchange - we've decided to go open." After recording and releasing the album, XBloome also encouraged fans to "remix" their artwork and music by allowing them to download files off of their website and also posted detailed tutorials of how they made the album from start to finish.

According to the band, "X marks the spot" is the world's first album that was produced exclusively with Free Software from beginning to end. It is a proof of concept that shows that high-quality audio- and graphics-production is possible using exclusively Free Software tools.

Now that's DIY!

Check out their awesome LIVE Alice in Wonderland post-drink performance of their single "Mushroom" in a tiny bedroom flat above. You can download this song and their entire album free of charge below.

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