Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Yawn Worth Yelling

A Yawn Worth Yelling is a five piece band out of San Jose, California made up of the multi-talented Tyler Boyd (lead vocals/guitar/percussion), Brayden Deskins (lead guitar), Johannes Heine (bass) , Taylor Stover (drums), and Joey Pisacane (lead vocals/guitar). On top of mastering their main roles, all members serve as back up singers because the band likes every yawn and every yell to have multiple layers and depth, as heard on their acclaimed debut EP, 1,000.

1,000 is an interesting record mainly due to the fact that the band is apart most of the year in different universities across the north pacific. Oftentimes, the band writes and records their material separately, sending bits and pieces of ideas to each other over the internet, until they can all meet up and turn the fragments into a complete song. "Their biggest challenge", according to lead guitarist Brayden Deskins, turns out to be unnoticeable and almost unfathomable considering the cohesiveness of their debut EP.

Combining influences from Maps & Atlases and The Dear Hunter, AYWY switches from smooth to spry at the drop of that hat and executes each mood seamlessly. The band is young and green, but after listening to the first two tracks on the EP (1,001, Actually and This Inherent Omniscience), their talent, melodies, and mature songwriting abilities take over and the musical experience takes over the inexperience. Just imagine if they had more time together.

1,000 is now available as a free download. The band is rumored to have a full length album currently in progress.

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