Monday, March 5, 2012

2 Free EPs from The Foot.

I guess once you are hailed as one of Denver's top rock acts and one of URB's "15 acts you wish you saw at CMJ 2010" you can toss a period next to your band's name. The Foot., an absolute fucking nightmare for bloggers with severe punctuation OCD, is an emerging west coast band with a spirited live show and genre bending sound that has been captivating audience's since their unveiling in 2010. The lifelong musicians are old schoolmates, brought together at university from all corners of the country. They immediately took their shared love of 60s and 70s classic rock, early 90s alternative rock, modern pop and r&b and began rehearsing earnestly in a basement that seemed to flood on a weekly basis. The results of these aquatic sessions were what would ultimately become their critically acclaimed debut release, 2010's Primary Colors.
Last week the band continued their onslaught with the release of TWO free EPs, The Crowd Control and The Cloud Control, each spotlighting a different vibe and expertise from the foursome. The Crowd Control EP features more of an accessible alternative rock ethos in the first two tracks-- The Day We Danced Around is a sultry and soulful alt-pop nod while Dark Dark Ways contains a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque 90s radio rock influences-- but quickly takes a turn into the modern folk realm with the sleepy yet endearing mood of A Parting Lesson. 
The Cloud Control EP continues the schizophrenic trek through rock and roll and features The Foot. messing with funky acapellas in Ignorance; a more modern take on alternative/indie rock with the Black Keys-like Daisy Baby; and ends comes full circle into another infectious alt-pop cut like the opening track of The Crowd Control EP in The Huntress.

Judging by these two EPs, Jeff McCollister, Phil Barrett, Noah Shomberg, & Drew Sowell are obviously onto a something. By providing a masterful blend of the past, the future and everything in between, The Foot. has forgone the mess and confusion of genre and scene and has instead focused on fun and connecting with their audience. That's why these guys are worth a listen. Period.

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