Friday, March 2, 2012

Quiet Hounds

Masked in plastic hound faces and a fog of mystery, Atlanta's Quiet Hounds stirred up quite a noise locally with their endearing ethos and ingenious outlook on self promotion and DIY work ethic. All band members have been apart of successful bands from the southeast and wanted this project to be heard with an open mind and absolutely no bias. To execute this response, the Hounds' sniffed out their own anti-traditionalist route by releasing everything via the internet, hiding their identities, and throwing their own events to create intimate experiences for an audience instead of playing bars and clubs. I recently e-mailed Quiet Hounds to get more information about their recent live event/unveiling and the reasons behind the masks:

"The masks are all about imagery and mystique. Up until this past Saturday we had only ever shared or released anything through internet sources so we had been pretty much a mystery. We hosted an event here in Atlanta at a very cool cultural arts center called the Goat Farm. We used a secret room where no one had ever performed, built our own stage, did our own lighting and sound and Packed out 400 people with only internet promotions. It was a very rewarding experience."

In an over-saturated industry where the biggest challenge is separating yourself from the crowd, the Quiet Hounds have set the precedent for outside the box promotions and innovative ideas to gain interest and engage an audience. On top of their forward thinking philosophies on marketing and performances, the band understands the value in releasing their music for free on the web. "Moving forward we will always be releasing the music for free and remaining anonymous other than "Quiet Hounds", a member of the band said. "Our Album was released August 19th 2011 and it's all available for free on Another release is coming very soon." The free download allowed the mystery and music to unravel and settle within their local community and the internet before their unveiling last week. This risk had a huge reward and turned into a perfectly organized execution of internet buzz and new age innovations that undoubtedly cultivated 400+ die hard lifers.

Their business creativity and deep understanding of audience experience isn't the only thing that is inspiring. The Quite Hounds' self titled release cannot be found behind bars of a certain genre or sound; instead, it's a visceral gasp of creativity and life experiences orchestrated by established artists pregnant with acute pop sensibilities and consonant charm. Despite being recorded in two weeks without any preconceived notions of what they wanted to accomplish, their debut unravels like an intensely calculated blueprint full of well designed melodies and sturdy instrumental structures. Songs like "Night Parade", "Hemlock", and "Gigantic" are both poetic and approachable and serve as great indicators of what Quiet Hounds are all about-- intelligence, honesty, and beauty, minus the pretentiousness. Listen loud.

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